Birthday Week In Pictures! 9/2/14

 photo F1E399E2-7697-4BB8-B38E-722A78C2EB38_zpsqa9kxube.jpg
1. The first picture was from the week before but I wanted to share it! It’s me doing some knitting to help make a banner and show my support to my best friend and partner who are currently creating a new lease of life in Wakefields Unity Hall as part of a Renovation they helping by putting on small events, so far they have been a great success and keep up the good work!
2. This is me being in 3rd place on the 1st page of Ravelrys ‘Hot Right Now’ listing. This has to be one of my biggest achievements and I am so chuffed! I have been aiming for this over the past seven years Thank you everyone for your support and kind words.
3 + 4.Next is a Car Meet and fry up morning and a sneaky bit of knitting inside when I got cold!
 photo A4C22954-80A6-4CEC-BAD6-6EE67F725767_zpsapj3lvrt.jpg
1. Here’s a few of my birthday gifts from my half of the family, Moomin purse from my mum and dad.
2 + 3. Reese’s Peanut Butter and beautiful Addidas Bag from my beautiful man! I have been I need if a good new waterproof bag and this is perfect I love it! He’d cutely hidden the Reese’s treats in the bag and hidden under them were my most favourite Pop Tarts! Yum!
4. My mum also treated me to a Diana F+ which will also go perfect with my Mini and can’t wait to get using!
 photo 7D2D0C4D-727F-4595-9E8F-6A11B4389F55_zpsfpzzpdqs.jpg
1. Birthday Breakfast sorted with Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts! Yum what a super treat.
2. My birthday cake which my mum creatively stuck two candles and a seven to make represent my 27th, it made me smile as she explained ‘ I couldn’t add twenty seven candles, could I’ 😀 I suppose not! I did feel like my cake was forking me though.
3. Some if my beautiful treats from my southern family, some great reads get wait to get into!

I’ve had such a busy week this week with work, events, family visits and meals. All of it has been lovely and has been the best birthday since I was a child. I’d started to slightly dislike my birthday and didn’t find joy in it much any more however this year has been massively different and I enjoyed it all! I even woke up at 5:30am on my birthday morning and just laid there excited waiting to get up to open my presents! It cheered me up massively after how tiring, stressful and upsetting January was for me! So I have had a whale of a time and a super successful week! x

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