DIY Heart Garland

Valentine’s Day is coming up closely so I thought I’d share another DIY project I found whilst searching on the net this evening and as you know I can’t help but love projects to do with using up my wool stash. So we have here the Heart Garland, tons of Crocheted little red heart. I’m sure your boyfriends, partners or Husbands won’t understand and will undoubtedly just roll there eyes! However I now what my Girl’s out there would love and that’s something cute and shows a bit of love. This will also decorate your home nicely who can’t help but adore them.

Me and My boyfriend will be celebrating Valentines evening our own way with a home cooked dinner, desert treats and a good VHS snuggled on the sofa just as it’s mean’t to be. I can’t wait!!

For the Full How To Here.

What will all you girls and guys be getting up to this Valentines? X


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