Friends Forever

Sue Jobson book
I bought this book the other day and wanted to share a few bits of it with you as it’s a new release in the knitting world and it’s a fabulous book created from scratch by my friend Sue. She’s super talented and created all of these designs herself, knitted the pieces from scratch all herself and wrote up every pattern and worked so hard to get them ready in time for publishing. With most animals or dolls named after either a family and friends like ‘Harry and Mia’ her grandchildren, to give it a personal touch.
Sue Jobson book
It is such a lovely book and the toys are so beautifully considered and just damn right sweet that I wanted to share it with you as I know plenty of you will love it knit some of these little treasure. I even grabbed a signature for the book as future keepsake I’m so proud of her. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my new pin cushion made for me as a birthday gift this was from the same talented Sue Jobson. She’s such a brilliant crafter and so many of her toys and trinkets WoW us all!
Sue Jobson book
I personally am like a child and George the Urban Fox is just dying to be knit and possibly turned into a Fantastic Mr Fox with a jacket and scarf, what do you think??
If you would like to purchase this book online you can do so from Deramores for only £6.09.
Well Done Sue. X


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