Behind It All Theres Maths

 photo 29941712-6CE6-4543-BA0D-3561592AA31F_zpsq306tg7k.jpg

Don’t even pretend you don’t use maths in your everyday job, you know it’s a lie!
Everybody needs maths, no matter how much you denied it as a child. I always understood that the usual shop jobs needed just everyday maths however step out of that realm and you’ll find you might need more complicated mathematics. Although as a kid I was adamant that I would never need to use complicated maths and that minimal mathematics skills would get me by!

Oh, how wrong I was.

Sometimes, just sometimes there exceptions where you might need more unsavoury mathematics and whilst at work I got a pattern and low and behold there it was jumping out at me like jack-in-box!
I was quite terrified when reading the schematic that I’d need to work out the measurement of one side of the triangle and I didn’t have a clue how. I needed this specific measurement just to cast on so I couldn’t move forward without it. Now has a child I wasn’t very great at maths and I tried but I couldn’t seem to absorb and understand what the hell they were on about! So, here we go again as an adult!
I jumped in and started asking people questions and aiming to get to grips with something new. It’s hard to ask people questions on how to do something, I asked one person and got a piece of paper with the written down formula but with no time to give me an explanation. What I was faced with left me blinded by numbers. This made me slightly more panicked so I decided to ignore that piece of information and threw it away and asked someone else.

And oh may! REVELATION. It was so easy to understand once shown step by step and I know also understand what Squared means, I don’t think I ever got that explained to me at school. I even took it a step further and went on my own and found out how to calculate the circumference of a circle. I figured why not use it to it’s extremes, but this information will now help me create so many more things and I can be happy and not scared to play and experiment with my knitting and maths! x


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