Working Hard and Battling Through!

I haven’t posted much over the past few weeks and I’ve been missing you so I’m aiming to do some catching up today and get a few posts ready for through the week.
How is everybody? Good?! I hope your all well.
I’ve been striving on through the thick and thin these past few weeks. The beginning of this year has been a  rocky road but I’m glad to say I’m get through it all okay. So much so that I got to do a health survey and for the first time in years didn’t have to tick the anxiety and depression box. For about two years now I’ve happily managed to cope without medication. So pleased with myself and even through this years curve balls I’m staying strong.

Over the past few weeks I’ve not only been getting the ‘On The Edge Of Dijon‘ Socks ready for release but I’ve also been struggling doing over time for work as it’s our busiest part of the season and even had the slightly sad news that hospital visits were back in place, thankful though over the weekend my Grandad has recovered quite well and is due to come home at some point this week. I’ve also been very aware recently that I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get myself an eye test, I work with stitches and very small graph paper and if not then a computer. I’ve come to realize when work if I’m looking far away I can’t make out peoples faces properly and that’s it’s getting slowly worse, the time it takes to focus my eyes is getting considerably longer. So in about a month or so time when I have spare pennies I’m going to treat myself to a pair. I’m sure it’s all down to the close up work and my eyes have gone lazy on me. ‘Thank you Eyes for keeping up your side of the bargain!’

I have to say I’m mostly looking forward to the weekend to spend some time over my knitting and hide away a bit and create and make some movement on this months up and coming design. Inspiration for the next design has taken itself from a more Vintage route and I’m looking forward to releasing it. The design after that is also very much exciting me, so much that I’ve already bought the yarn. Yes that’s right I’m Super prepared and I never need an excuse to by myself more wool.

I hope it won’t be too long between post for you next time! :p

A few of favourite posts that I’ve read today:-
By Gum By Golly – The pants that were not: seeing success in a different way
(I completely understand where she’s coming from I love fashions but there plenty of them out there I wouldn’t wear due to feeling uncomfortable)
Emma Lamb- Making Everyday Beautiful Hello March (Can’t beat a bit of colour and spring)
Untangling Knots – New Hat Pattern: Charlie (Love to share this beautiful pattern by Andi Satterlund)

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