That Shade Of Distraction

Finally I have my second instalment of patterns (On The Edge Of Dijon) ready for you all to enjoy. The week before releasing I found that one shade I’d used on my new pattern that had already been written and knitted had been discontinued and was no longer available for purchasing. So sad and frustrating when most of the design popped due to that shade. I’d also spent quite a while picking the perfect two colours and set my heart on a nice yellow mustard and grey for a warm tone next to a wintry neutral shade of grey. I’d picked these colours as they popped together and made for great eye candy and it never occurred to me to check the availability of the colours. As to which I can only apologise….
Thankfully with the socks being knitted and worn by you lovely peeps you’ll possibly have different colour tastes to me and would prefer different shades for the cuff and main foot of the sock and won’t want to just stick to what’s written.
Which is very exciting, I’m looking forward to seeing your colour choices for these socks. I was highly disappointed to find this out once I’d don so much work on the socks but I decided to help and create more information and some alternatives, I hope your ready for them….

In Sublime baby cashmere merino silk DK if you have any Buttercup 303 (Discontinued) stashed away would work OR newer shade Duckie 383.

In Sublime extra fine merino DK if you have any Sesame 224 (Discontinued and Original shade used) stashed away would work OR newer shade Cinnamon 377.

In Sublime Cashmere merino silk DK if you have any Marmalade 224 (Discontinued) stashed away would work.

If you have a love for a different DK weight yarn I can happily inform you that at DK that knit’s to a 22 stitches and 28 rows, 10cm, (4in) square is perfect to use for these socks.


I can also tell you it took 20g of Sublime extra fine merino dk for the biggest size which is roughly rounded up to about 50 metres.

I’ve fallen head over heels for these (No silly sock puns please :p) so much so I’m debating some wooden sock blockers as a further well done treat as I’ve never used any and would love a pair and they’d be brilliantly useful for future projects I’m going to have to save some pennies. I’ve notice that Whorldropspindle have a pair of wooden Medium ones for only £12.10. If you know of any other sets please let me know, I love a new knitting postal treat!

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