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Pattern writing
All prepared.

Yesterday  I decided after a bit of cleaning and catching up with house work to settle down with some actual work which I’d been letting escape me a little due to busy life at work and with family. after a lot of sleep these past few days and not getting much of my own work on the go and not even knitting a single stitch this week I put an end to the misery! I picked up my knitting bag and my file for my next pattern sat down, sipped my coffee then got my typing head on.

I’m usually that sure of posting photo’s of myself that often but I thought I’d take myself out of my norm for once!

I’m not very good at selfie photo’s but you don’t get to see me often and so I figured since I’d just had a fresh haircut that it was safe to show my face again to the world. Thankfully my boyfriend is very understanding and patient with me when my working head is on I can just leave him happily to entertain himself with some TV wrestling or some old cheesy horror, sometimes remembering to feed ourselves in between.

Getting My Knitting Out
My knitting bag ready with my next pattern! I’m trying to create suspense.

You will be happy to know that knitting of my next design is well under way and that both front and back is complete but there is still both sleeves, edgings and a little fancy something to be mad for the finishing touches. That doesn’t sound like too much I’ve still got three weeks. I think I can happily handle that.

My Favourite latest posts:-

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Mathilde Heart Manech- 52 lists: List your best qualities, It left me wishes for Lemon drizzle which an old friend at work used to make me, maybe it’s time to start baking and fashioning together a kind of lemon drizzle either mess or treat 😉

How are you spending your weekend?!

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