Killin’ It!


So this time last year I opened Killtocraft as a way to share my patterns and other crafts or DIY loves and a hint of my life with you all. Although some people might find blogging massively easy, I try my hardest and I’m chuffed with how rewarding it feels to share with you all. Sometimes I find it hard to post very often as I work a weekday job and I don’t want to bore you with that all the time, so I tend to share more of my weekends and knitting with you all. Over the past year I have gained followers who return back for a read and show there support and I’m so grateful which is why I continue to keep creating and posting. This months not only is the one year anniversary of Killtocraft but is also a celebration of it hitting just over 200 Followers, readers and supporters. Thank you all so much. It might not seem many to most but to me it is nice to see that a lot of you return to read my posts or see my work.

So a Congratulations to Killtocraft and lets hope for another brilliant and successful year ahead. x

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  1. Elelu said:

    I saw your beautiful creations on Ravelry last week so I started following your blog. Everything is fresh and nice as well as you are, and I thank you for being so generous to share your life and your creativity with us.

    • Thank you so much! Ravelry is great for showcasing and sharing, what did we do without it! Also your very welcome! 🙂

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