The Bingo Wing Defect

So I got under way with finishing off the first sleeve, which I’d started about two weeks previous. With work being busy and over time been needed my play time had to be put aside for later so all knitting or designing was to a screeching halt! Since finishing the garment I’ve also had another much need rest as you know why.

Vintage inspired topThese Sleeves should have worked out quite simply but before knitting a second sleeve or sewing it in I’d decided it was best to give it a checking over. This was possibly the best move with the rest of the sweater going super well it’s natural to doubt yourself. So I thought I’d spend a little time and tack up my sweater body and first sleeve, I was super glad I did.
Just seeing it tacked in I could see ample spare knitting like a loose baggy skin, so I slipped it on and I was correct low and behold. Bingo wing, the sleeve had too many increases in the side edges that it had created a floppy unattractive sleeve on the underarm. Very unflattering.
So chuffed I’d decided to wait till seeing it on otherwise I’d have been ripping back two sleeves and re-knitting.

Vintage inspired top


Whoop for good ideas, It only took me another few break times and a few hours in the evening and I were happily casting on the second sleeve. It was almost plain sailing. I’m very much looking forward to showing you all this design, I’m excited to see how much you all love it.

My Favourites 

Knittedbliss – Modification Mondays, Peplum Sweater. I’m definitely going to make myself this just found I have some grey wool that’s more worsted than dk, perfect.

By Gum, By Golly – Fox Hat. This is just stunning handy work.

Katie’s Beauty Blog – Thinking #1 Body Image. Great and inspirational piece, we all have hang ups but we are also all beautiful in our own ways.

Bleubird – A Needle and Thread. So get embroidery portraits, beautifully impressive and left me speechless you should check them out!

My Wishlist

Namasta Circular Needle Case, Pinning Tailoring Mannequin and Knit Back In Time By Geraldine Warner.

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  1. knittedblissjc said:

    Nice catch on the sleeve problem, way to go!

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