The Great British Sewing Bee Final (Spoiler Alert)

The second series of The Great British Sewing Bee has been up and running on our TV screens since February the 18th. Every week we’ve been anxiously and excitedly watching in anticipation to see who’s out and who may win. Its been the highlight of my television viewing and whilst working in a business full of ladies who like crafts, we’ve literally all been tuning in.
The day after its airing on the BBC we’ve all been returning to work with our own views and discussing our favourite garments and supporting the contestants. Its been so interesting, I’ve learnt so much about sewing, patterns and pattern matching on fabric. Its almost been swaying me to dig out my sewing machine and dusting the cobwebs off it.
Even Will enjoyed and it must take a lot for a man to agree he’s been entertained by a talent show on sewing. He was generally interested and gained knowledge on how garments were put together and watching the progression of the contestants through each weeks challenges. So after seven weeks of wonderful television viewing we come across the final and last episode of the series. What will we do now?
When asked who I wanted to win my answer was Chinelo, however the second part to my answer was that the winner could easily change anyway depending on how they preformed the tasks in the episode. My fully support still went to Chinelo I loved her designs and her ability to create something without a pattern. Purely brilliant for the few years she’d been sewing.
I always thought that Heather was very consistent with her sewing skills but always stayed too safe, which she openly admitted. When she made that beautiful tie and the stunning taffeta dress I knew that there was a chance for her and as they judged via the challenges of that day it worked to her favour that she executed her garments well with sheer pride and confidence and pumped some excitement into her creations. Well Done to Heather for the first place. Everyone in the show deserves a congratulations though as they all worked hard and bought a much needed sewing inspiration into my life. I’ve decided this year I’m going to give the sewing machine a bit of practice and buy some reasonably easy to manage fabric for a couple of tops. However until next year my television viewing will be back to it’s usually night time viewing of old British sitcoms, comedies and antique shows. x


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