Cracked Open A Chickadee

Chickadee Sweater

 Beginning my weekend with a new project which I’d been procrastinating about for the past two weeks mainly for sizing reasons. Then when I thought I’d happily picked which size I was going to commit too I picked up my grey main colour and tension sampled it. I found it was knitting to a worsted weight tension of 20 stitches to 10cm, rather than DK weight of 22 stitches like the other colours I’d purchased.

Then I managed to find some Click DK ‘Grouse Grey’ in a sale and snapped it up. A perfect swap to the previous Grey I had stashed away (I’m saving this for a further modification sweater), the other yarns used were out of the Country Style DK range. Straight away I started doing some calculations for a size 36″ bust to compensate for the difference of not having front borders any longer. I cast on my Chickadee and with a bit of worry and confidence I just went for it. I always like seeing grey sweaters and accessories but never seem to knit any so I’m excited to add a little grey into my life, sounds odd when springs on it’s way!
Chickadee Sweater

Then on Saturday we had a drive in a friends classic Mercury and visited the local Classic and Hot Rod Cruise where after a few hours 6-8pm I got a tad cold and retreated back to the car and happily did a bit of knitting whilst the lads talked cars and had a wonder. I was quite pleased and content that I’d gotten to squeeze some knitting time in. I will literally knit anywhere without shame lol! 😀 I’d gotten myself all excited about actually having something to finally knit and wanted to crack on with it.
Chickadee Sweater

It’s my first ever fair isle yoke garment I’ve knitted and first top down so I’m looking forward to learning something new about shaping. It’s great as well to use the knowledge I’ve learn’t over the years to finally adapt a garment than having to follow a pattern 100% step by step. After a few hours today cracking on with it I’ve gotten one row left of the fair isle and I’m onto the rest of the sweater and shaping. I think the yoke has some slight puckering but for a first time I’m rather proud and impressed with myself. I’m thinking a bit of pinning and steaming at the end will help flatten and neaten it out a tad.

If you’d like more information on the pattern Chickadee go here, it’s also available in the book ‘Little Red In The City’. Wanting to flow my project page and see any updates that’s Here on Ravelry.

What do you all think? x

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