Knitting Progress 18/04/14

As you know from my previous post I’m working on a new project just for me, a bit of a treat to knit someone else’s patterns and not have to write the instructions first before beginning. Although knitting other designers patterns sometimes come with new lessons to be learnt and new techniques to be researched. Due to being slightly adventurous, I can’t just make things easier for myself.
Chickadee Sweater onto the sleeves now.
I’m knitting my first top down sweater with fair isle, the original instructions is actually for a cardigan and you can tell from this I’m going to have a bit a challenge. I’ve literally just gone with the flow and taken all backwards and forwards issues with a pinch of salt or with a pinch of my mind. I finished the yoke and this week I continued with the next part of the sweater which was the short row shaping, I’ve done short row wraps before but some of the wording in the pattern confused me but only because I’d never come across the technique to make your wraps invisible. When told to knit wrap together with stitch it completely baffled me, I thought many of things at this point. Did the instruction mean to knit the wrapped stitch with the next stitch, surely not due to that being a decrease which would alter my stitch count. I literally started to worry about doing the sweater wrongly, so I decided the best step was to ask the kind and lovely people on Ravelry’s Ysolda Group.

After a quick post and an hours waiting for a reply all was put to rights with a kind link to Purl Bee’s Tutorial on short rows.

The tutorial shows you how to pick up the wrap that sits around your stitch and knit it together with that stitch to make the little wrapped pip invisible and hidden away. I’d never even done this before all of my previous work with wrap rows had included the pip. This shows that working from other people patterns from time to time can help even the most professional of people to learn new techniques and advance a bit further. I’m rather impressed with myself and I’m now onto the sleeves. x

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