I’m Running My Blog Sporadically

Well It’s been over a weeks since I last posted, Yikes it didn’t seem that long ago! I’ve been posting a bit here and there lately but only when I’ve got news or something nice to share with you all. Like the Clueless girls I don’t want to go posting too sporadically, so I’m here throwing the irregular posting to the wind. ๐Ÿ˜€

I have a small knitting update, I’m nearly ending the second sleeve and that’s right I haven’t died of second sleeve syndrome yet! It’s usually something that occurs to me when making socks but it seems sleeves are just boring enough to get me lulling over my knitting. Once I’ve gotten this bad boy sleeve of the double pointed needles I’m onto the main body section. I’m looking forward to trying it on! Don’t worry I’ll show my sleeve work when the second ones complete.

So this week, what have I been up to, first I’ve been suffering all week with a sore ankle apparently one can get too old to dance all night long and 100% suffer the consequences later. It wouldn’t have bothered me that much except I walk half an hour too and from work for the exercise and due to that it’s made it a bit worse for wear. On Friday I decided it was definitely time for extra strong ibuprofen and it has been working a treat again so something around there must have been a tad swollen. Thursday evening I’d prepared well and sorted out my Coke Cola Chicken for Friday nights tea, Will smiled the entire time eating it and I made him a full and content man. I’ve been reading a few posts over the week that I loved and want to share, I like sharing my reading lists with you!

1. Tilly and The Buttons post on her Lobster Skirt, I 100% wish I could sew and make myself on of these skirts. I’d love a few skirts for work but I can never seem to find them in styles I like. This is fabulous and the lobster fabric is just amazing, right?!

2. A weekly wrap up by Ysolda Teague about the knitting world and what’s going on.

3. Wool People 7 is out to view I’ve been waiting for weeks to see it up, the previews make me so excited.

4. Last but not least from today’s posting which I’m thrilled about is a little mini series about doing your own gel nail treatments, thank you ‘By Gum By Golly’ my nails are in need of love and I have a girls night next week this will be perfect for a trial run.

Other than that and a Classic Car Fundraiser I went too today nothing else massive has happened, I’ll post some pictures of that later in the week for you. That’s all really, what have my follow readers been up too this week? I’d love to hear from you. x


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