What’s been happening this weekend!

It’s been the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend which means an extra day added to my weekend. A lovely lie in or a good few late nighters to be taken advantage of.  photo 7E3552FF-6A9D-43FB-927B-FECE9F2856D1_zps684gztuk.jpg Friday I was happy as Larry to leave work early on a half day and trot my way into town to do a bit of afternoon dress shopping. I’ve got a wedding coming up in July and so wanted to get a head start so there were non of that last minute panic buying. I hate buying a dress last minute because that usually means I’ll buy a dress for the sake of having one not because I actually love it and will wear it again. After a good three hours of shopping and trying on I still had found nothing I’d come to my last shop and took a browse and picked up a random day dress that wasn’t anything special, I’d picked it up due to it’s strawberry print fabric. It still didn’t spell wedding material, on my to the changing rooms I spotted a dress hidden at the back of the rail. I spotted a polka dot fabric a bow and beautiful red trim and immediately knew this could be my dress. You’d be happy to know it was perfect and I need not to panic about what I’m wearing when the time comes too.

So what do you think? I personally prefer dresses with a vintage style I’m not keen on these over the top jewelled dress in florescent colours with draped fabric here, there and everywhere. I much prefer a nice classic look.  photo 2D0C6885-178A-4B7F-B4EA-73F591B41ED2_zpsnepomkt7.jpg

Friday night I spent out at a friends having a girls night and lovely catch up as we don’t do the catching up enough. We got some pizzas, home made brownies and ice cream. The evening was mainly spent crafting, chatting and watching The Witches of East Wick in the background.

I received my new and beautiful issue of Oh Comely Magazine through the post box which means I have some great reading on my hands, I love this magazine it’s always filled with a lot of different articles and usually has a theme of some sort and the photography is something of a dream. So Saturday morning I sat down at my window table in the sun light with my breakfast and had a relaxing read.

A lovely way to start the day.
 photo B62F6766-BE33-4D37-A681-8B5B6E87459F_zpsesorzrfr.jpg

Later that morning I travelled to my mum’s to get my hair trimmed as you can see in the dress photo my hair had taken a turn for the worst in waiting 2 months and 3 weeks for a haircut. It started to resemble a Osmond boy cut like a bulb had grown on my head. Such a relief to have it looking nice and smart again, it was starting to really get me down. I never feel quite the same when I look messy (this is coming from the lady who had dreadlocks about a year or so ago).
 photo EBDB57D1-B167-4479-8C74-7F573C53C416_zpsuy612iv4.jpg This weekend has entailed a lot of knitting and so I’ve spent a considerable amount of time indoors watching films and catching some me time. My main focus was to get my Chickadee Sweater ready for Tuesday at work since I’d mentioned it might be ready by then. There’s another post to come on that later in the week. I’ve already got my next few knitting projects listed down there’s no stopping me at the minute, I’m on a knitting binge.

How did you guys spend your bank holiday? do anything nice or different? x


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