Chickadee Progress

You’ll be happy to know it’s finished! I was looking over when I started the project and to say I’d done it all on circular needles and also only had evenings and weekends to devote to my ChickadeeI I managed to complete this project in three weeks and three days. I don’t think that’s actually bad going really considering I did a bit of backwards and forwards knitting through the first week. Over the Bank Holiday weekend I fully committed myself to finishing the Sweater mainly so I could show it off to the ladies at work when I got back on the Tuesday. I’m not going to lie I’m quite a shy person but I like my time to shine when I’ve created something beautiful, I’m sure most of us are like that though. nothing wrong with being proud of a creation.

 photo 50AD7B33-BD61-4959-84A2-BE4C3DB9E594_zpsvi4rzzk1.jpg
So I started out the weekend with my sweater just past the waist decreases and decided I want to do the straight slightly shorter. I added in an extra set of waist increases, I have hips that are quite curvy and find nothing is quite worse when it cold than a sweater that fits so well it rids over your hips. I’m an appreciator of ample coverage and warmth, it’s a sin. I’d spent most of Sunday evening doing the lower half and arrived at the cast off contrast edging and decided that was enough for the day. I couldn’t be bothered casting off evenly before bed time, too much hard work for me when I’m tired.

 photo 473B9785-9946-4F0D-99FD-06A93BF1D47D_zpsqcckljsd.jpg
Monday evening I picked it up again and did the cast off edging and picked up for the garter stitch neckband which I knitted to the same depth as the body edging so it matched and did the same contrast colour cast off. Then I spent a bit of time whilst watching High Fidelity sewing the coloured strands neatly into the back of my sweater. Now usually I’m a but of a fuss pot and like to pin out garment properly and leave over night cover with damp cloths however I needs the gratification of it being ready for the morning so I got a towel and iron out and using a wool setting I steamed my sweater. Above is after I gave it a good and careful steaming.
 photo 640A22ED-DCC1-428B-93F4-529A8BF5BDB9_zpssyt8nmjc.jpg
I’ve worn it twice already this week, I’m hoping the staff don’t get fed up of seeing wearing it. Although I hear down the grapevine that the weather is working slightly in my sweater favour with lots of cold and rainy days over the next week. Here’s me showing of my Chickadee sweater, I look quite tired after my busy day in the office. And now onto my next knitting project….. I bet you can’t guess what that is going to be!

If your again interested in the Chickadee pattern I will warn you it’s a beautiful Cardigan and not a sweater this is my adaptation.

You can however find this fabulous cardigan pattern here on the Ysolda Teague website it’s also available in a book ‘Little Red In The City‘. If your wanting to nosey at other people’s projects or find out more information on this pattern you can find it here on the Ravelry pattern page. x


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