What’s been on my needles! 10/05/14

Once finishing my sweater I decided to immediately cast on a hat I’d seen being knitted by a colleague at work, pull on hat design F from Sirdar’s Favourite Aran Knits 4. She’d been knitting it for her grandson in a lovely yellow ready for winter presents.
 photo 1BB9F400-82EB-4F91-BB0C-52B5946A1BDD_zpsliqqiw3o.jpg
The hat instantly reminded me of my favourite black hat I wear in the winter. Turnback, ribbed hat with running cables and nice pompom although my old ones gone tatty due to my kitty cat attacking the pompom to pieces. So now the hats looking a tad worse for wear I have been contemplating a replacement which isn’t all too sad as it wasn’t hand knit in the first place, I’d prefer to wear one made by myself. I had enough Aran to make this hat and a lovely Tank Vest for the winter months, plans had formed in my head. I cast on and had no problem with the pattern but I did decrease the crown slightly different so I could fit in an extra set of cables to make it look better rather than seeing some straight stocking stitch.
 photo 0C49926D-B0DF-4CC2-807B-F14C32D6167D_zpsrhyjqcxn.jpg
Once sewn I made the mistake of getting my beautiful boyfriend to try it on for me! He feel in love with it and now decided it’s his! I have warned him I’m going to make another one and so we’ll have the same hat but with mine having a pompom it will be slightly different. He says he doesn’t like knitwear because of the ‘all knitwear is itchy myth’ I’ve come to find though if I knit something nice and it fits him he will be found later wearing and enjoying it so I don’t mind! It’s shares my love of the craft with him.
Does this happen to any of you crafters out there?! Xx


2 thoughts on “What’s been on my needles! 10/05/14

  1. It looks great, I do love a nice cable hat! How lovely that your boyfriend wants to keep it himself, there can be no bigger compliment!

    1. Thank you, Cabled hats just look impressive and a nice way to show off a bit of skill! I love that he’s been wearing it although it’s been put away for the warm weather but no doubt it’ll be back out later in the year.
      Vanessa x

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