Fizz Test Knit, Part 2.

Back for the second part and update of my Fizz test knit I hope!
After reading through the pattern instructions and having all my materials prepared I worked on the first section, which is the waistband. At this point all I really needed to remind myself was how to provisionally cast on. It’s something I don’t come across very often when I’m knitting a pattern but it’s a great skill to learn especially for lace scarves that start at the centre out. I’ve collated small list of tutorial website suggestions which also show different ways of doing the provisional cast on:-
Purl Bee
Also a video tutorial:-
Knitting Help

First of all you will need the yarn your main yarn, some scrap yarn and needles (possibly in some cases a crochet hook). The main aim of a provisional cast on is to so you can work the stitches as normal and then remove the scrap yarn to reveal live stitches at the opposite side to work with.
In this case you are creating a provisional cast on then working straight, when you get to the required length you cut of the provisional and use both sets of stitches by decreasing the two sets together to encase your elastic band.
 photo 66991E57-04DB-4B75-B447-DB35B2089751_zps39dnfybu.jpgSuch a nice and neat method, the method I’d used was from the Ysolda Teagues ‘Little Red In The City’ book and you have to juggle your way around your yarn, needle and crochet hook. Although I may have preformed a few circus tricks once I’d got the hang of the method it didn’t take me long at all to them done and joined into the round.
 photo 1A5ABBAB-851D-4E0C-93B7-0ED4F18B4E4E_zpsdxsvixom.jpgWhere my elastic was concerned you want a bit of negative ease and so I cut it to the measurement of my under bust and I suggest you overlap your elastic by an inch or two depending how tight you want it. I put a few sewing tacks into mine and tried it on to check it’s fit. Once I was happy I secured it down thoroughly and remember there’s no getting into the waistband once you’ve encased the elastic so make sure your happy with it. I hate doing something and finding I have to take it back to rectify a mistake.

visiting techniques, although I am like most and did make the error of decreasing the two sets of stitches off unevenly and ended up with five stitches left on one needle and non on the other. It happens to the best of us sometime when not concentrating.

Part 3, I’ll be sharing the next stages of the pattern and maybe a tutorial. X

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