Last Weekend I Gave You My Heart

 photo 355D6E45-4BA1-4EE5-AC09-2540AE25C0A6_zps2xrevwzu.jpg
That’s right I’m referring too Christine, I gave her my heart and soul last weekend and as soon as I’m busy at work again my evening reading goes slightly south. It’s sad to say I’ve been reading Christine for two years now and in those two years I’ve also gained more books than I’ve read to my currently reading pile by my bedside. Who reads in bed anyway?
I find I just get heavy eyes and fall to sleep with maybe two pages read. I’ve come to the conclusion reading time should kept as an earlier daytime pursuit.
Saying that I’ve taken Christine to work this week in an effort to read I’ve maybe read about 35 pages is that a reasonably substantial amount? I’m of no means a fast reader but I do aim to finish this book soon with about 230 pages to go. I can’t let the progress drop back now, I’m tempted to take up ‘morning just woken up reading’ however I think Stephen King can be a bit much for breakfast.
How often do you guys read? Is there specific reading times when you habitually pick up a novel? I used to read more but then knitting took over I’m looking to balance the two out a bit more. Equal measures of two good things can’t be bad! Surely.

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