Fizz Test Knit, Part 3.

So where did I leave it on Part 2 of the test knitting? Well I believe I’d done the edging and encased the elastic and joined both edges of my provisional together the next stage of the pattern was to work short rows to shape the top to fit around the curve of the bust.

I’ve mentioned on a previous post about my Chickadee Sweater that I’d learnt a trick to make that little wrap stitch nub invisible on your way back whilst doing short rows. Well again I got to fully make the most if this new skill and cover up those nubs. I did find though that one side was slightly loose where I’d done my wraps for reason. I can only assume it was mainly due to the yarn so I did a thing some knitters fear to do!
One stitch at a time I dropped it down to wear it was loose and hooked it back up again. This tightened up my loose stitches perfectly and made the appearance much neater. The short rows work backwards and forwards across the front of the busy leaving the back so it gives more rows up and over the bust without adding depth to the back. The short rows will be worked back and forth from armpit to the opposite armpit.

The next stage of the pattern was a new skill for me also as I’ve previously worked an I-cord but never preformed an I-cord cast off. I can happily say it leaves such a nice and neat edging and it’s fun to do. It’s one of those skills though that I’d have to look back and refer too. A Little Tutorial for you by the lovely Craftsy People. 

I know I keep Blabbing on but doing a test knit can teach you so many new techniques or just a new way of going about a garment. It almost pops you into another knitters mind.

Fizz Test Knit, Part 4. Final Part will be coming to you next week and talking about the last parts of the top process and some end result photo’s to share with you all.

If you are wanting to catch up you haven’t completely missed out here’s Part 1 and Part 2. x


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