Lydia Tresselt

On odd occasions I like to show my love for other bloggers, crafts people and creators if you will.
Today I want to share with you Lydia Tresselt I viewed her work for the first time a few years ago and was impressed by the beauty of the characters she creates. Lydia specialises in crocheting her Animal/human dolls. I personally like them because they remind me of little children dressing up in onsies or cute costumes. I adore their careful and cute details, like the small beaded eyes or animal ears and tails. Even the fact that they have accessories such as scarves or bags give them added personality and beauty. Everybody will have there individual favourites but mine are Loni the Lion, Roco the Raccoon and who wouldn’t adore Lupo the Lamb.

All of Lydia’s creations are available on Ravelry Download or on her etsy shop where she also has n offer on for 3 patterns for 15 euro or 5 patterns for 24 euros. Go over and check them out there’s something for everyone Mermaids, foxes, dragons and even a catus plant. x


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