Just another quick post to show my appreciation of the crafting world. I found this gorgeous pattern yesterday pop up on my Twitter feed. At one point I was never too keen on Twitter and I joined it when it first came out but then stopped using it because I didn’t catch on to all the hype and usefulness that Twitter has of passing on snippets of info, dates or thoughts. I re-joined in the fun again about a year ago and have been slightly hooked on it ever since. Anyway back to the pattern I noticed by the very talented OwlPrintPanda. The patterns name is Ardence and actually comes as a set of both an elegant lace scarf and hat, both knitted in Malabrigo’s sport weight yarn ‘Arroyo’. I’m hoping she won’t mind me sharing one of her pictures so you can see the beautiful design. I was so in love with the pattern I decided the Ardence Hat will be my next project on the needles and I’m crossing my fingers and toes it will look super cute with my short hair cut. I’m sure we’ll see in a future post.

Also if you want to pick up this great pattern and show your support to an indie designer she’s doing a reduced price for the Ardence set on Ravelry for only £2 with the coupon code ‘Adrence’ which is on for only another 2 1/2 days. If your unsure how to do the coupons on Ravelry you can add a pattern to your cart and from your cart you can add a coupon code.

It’s just so pretty I can’t wait to cast on. I love a touch of lace.


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