Fizz Test Knit, Part 4.

Well we come to the Final part and 4th of my Fizz Test Knit series. I should have posted this onto the blog last week but I was lazy and put it aside for one week I’ve been wanting to make headway with a book I’m reading and so it was priority number one last week. I’m not far away from the end so I figured before the weekends reading takes hold I’d finish the posts on the Fizz Test Knit, I don’t want you thinking I’ve forgotten.

The next stage to this pattern was sewing two threads up the centre which you use by knotting one end and gather up the knitting in the centre of the top this will be covered up by the placket.

Next was to do the front placket, which runs up the centre of your top and you can decorate it with buttons. I decided after not being able to find buttons that I liked right away to leave mine plain I’d rather do that than just decorate it for the sake of it.

The front placket is picked up in the centre of your top on the last round of your waistband. Most of the time when picking up it done on a side edge for neckband or front borders this isn’t, it’s picked up in the centre of the knitted fabric. When I first started picking up for this section I found it fiddly and with all honestly it frustrated me.

When picking up for a border you pick up with the yarn from behind the work and pull the loops up and through your knitting. When picking up through the centre of your fabric the yarn needs to be at the front. I’d get some stitches on the needle and when trying to pick up another a few would drop off in the tussle. Due to it not being that many stitches I decided after a short while to just pick them up the same as you would with a knitting needle but use a crochet hook and then slip them off the opposite end onto a knitting needle. So  I’ve done a mini tutorial here to show you how to go about pick up with the a crochet hook

 photo 09AB776C-5318-4347-B0BA-55BEC4DCA866_zpssmtffc8m.jpg

Top left:- slip your crochet hook through a full stitch. Top Right:- wrap yarn around the hook. Bottom Left:- and pull through. Bottom Right:- Continue wrapping the yarn over the hook like you would if you were knitting.

 photo D7580B9B-48C1-4989-9F2B-5343892CC7C2_zpslksnpgyl.jpg

Next thing is to slip all the stitches you’ve picked up back onto your needles your using and work back and forth.

 photo 09FF50C9-4828-45A4-9F18-8745E43CB75B_zpshwtaewml.jpg

This is what it looks like once been picked up.

Once the stitches has been picked up you will see the bumps behind but because the placket lays flat over these bumps you want see them just remember to thread your loose end through to the back of your work so it’s hidden out of view, just like below.

Next is to pick up for the straps, now I decided at this point to try in on with my bra and see where the centre would sit and where I would like to pick up for my straps it’ll give you a good idea of placing and I just slipped in a couple of place markers ready so I could pick up evenly at these points. I picked up just at the back of the I-cord on the line where you change to the contrast colour.

I have to say I really enjoyed working on this pattern and for a first time test knitting I think I was very successful and gave greatly detailed results to help the designer as best I could. Although the summer weather has really been all its cracked up to be this year in Yorkshire but I’m sure I’ll be able to get out sometime soon. Here’s a snap shot of the end result for you all, isn’t it smashing.

You’ll be glad to know as well the pattern has been released today on Ravelry and you can purchase it from UntanglingKnots Ravelry Shop. Available for purchase at £3.92.

And I hope you liked and found my four parter helpful to your crafting needs.
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