June Round Up Photos

 photo E1C2A4A2-C0FF-48E5-B34F-95DD77F2AC9D_zpsu1kn8mrf.jpg
Top Left:- Date Night we went to see Godzilla and it was greatly better than I expected. Top Right:- Beautiful Blue Skies. Bottom Left. Finished my Fizz test knit and Bottom Right:- Treated myself to some charms I can remember getting a big box of these as a treat when I was little I used to beg at the supermarket for them lol!
 photo DA9569E9-DFF5-4EA8-8453-3AED492B7ABA_zps0ugog88z.jpg
Top Left:- Awesome VW Van spot, Bottom Left and Right side:- Travel Scrabble perfect thrifty find for Father’s day will go lovely on the new caravan holidays away.
 photo 166BED63-3463-46E7-B757-834F5D4B9177_zpsi9jw0yqf.jpg
Top Left:- Future book added to my Bedside table I’ve heard good things about this. Top Right:- While Will was away I challenged myself to my own full rack of ribs and chips, Challenged completed! ๐Ÿ˜€ Bottom Left:- Catface checking what I was doing. Bottom Right:- a colleague brought in her patchwork, just amazing.
 photo FBEBEAC8-9874-42A1-9520-D6E3ACD011FF_zps2mvuxzxx.jpg
Top Left:- Knitting myself the Grey Gardens Headband from Knitty, Top Right:- Spent the afternoon in a field with a few friends promoting a local festival and up and coming Concert Venue (Unity Works), Bottom Left:- Funny faces and Bottom Right:- Will makes such good tasting burgers. ๐Ÿ™‚
 photo 0679352E-73FB-4B83-8BEB-AEEBF5404804_zps7f6mjyib.jpg
Top Left:- Got given a lovely 1959 Dressmaking Book I’m hoping it will help me start up my sewing machine, Top Right:- A lovely Treat through the post from the great blogger (http://mathildeheartmanech.com/) Thank you Lisa, it’s going to be added to my summer reading. Bottom Left:- Mollie Makes arrived and a LYS moved closer to my home so I purchased more yarn. Bottom Right:- A few beautiful thrifty finds.

This month has been a lovely month full of car boot trips and super cheap finds. I’ve also spent this month focusing on a bit of spring reading not cleaning lol! dusted the cobwebs off some outstanding half read books. How’s your month been? x

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