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These past couple of weeks have been very busy and hectic and rather than making it busier I’ve taken the chance in pursuing some reading. I discussed this at the being of the year as a way to better myself in the New Year I would read more! It didn’t really start off anywhere! Until this past month and I’ve been catching up on some old books that have become a permanent fixture over the past two years. I have a habit with books of reading half and then having a long break, I return to them and finish where I left off! I’ve decided to nip this dirty habit in the bud and finish my outstanding reads. The first one I’ve recently just finished is Christine by Stephen King shame on me, it took me two whole years because I put it down about half way through and although it’s a long read it’s an amazing story. I love American Classics and my Mr has a big love for cars so I should have gotten through with more pace. I have to say though I’m glad I didn’t watch the film first it’s not anywhere near has good and would have put me off reading the rest. Although it left me feeling that Christine is still out there! 😀 brilliant read. I’ve now moved into finishing The Bell Jar I’ve gotten to the part where it is now no longer suitable as bed time reading material as it’s a bit too dark for settling.
What you ladies and gentleman reading? Anything good to recommend?! Please share your reads. X

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