The Wedding Day.

I figured whilst I’m having some quiet time over my Three Mint tea I’d share with you the recent family wedding from a few weekends ago.
We travelled down South on the Friday afternoon to be with Wills mum and partner Tony to share the weekend with them to celebrate their Wedding day.
 photo 2E1FC8A3-9DF4-4834-934B-DF3E6A91482C_zpscalgkioo.jpg
The main day Saturday hit us with a buzz and whisked by so quickly with all the getting ready and celebrating.
They had beautiful weather all day so couldn’t complain and no hiccups where made. Table was helped being set, make up and hair wasn’t too stressful and the button pins were fastened on without drawing blood!
 photo ED41ADCD-DEB6-4853-95AE-4B9D631439D7_zpsdstpbzyn.jpg
We dressed up the tortoise to make him feel right for the occasions helped him fit in!
The ceremony itself was small but beautiful I got to watch my handsome boyfriend proudly walk his mum into the ceremony.
 photo 2AE326E7-0900-4D92-988A-7F59B375F9AF_zpspvz2m9ij.jpg
Above:- The beautiful wedding party. X
 photo F32242A5-D621-433A-9CDB-98FD5F1F372F_zpsmdi0cpgz.jpg
Later we all went back for drinks and buffet to celebrate such a great day and the happy couple opened there cards and gifts. Our present was a much loved and giggled over Billy Idol Vinyl of ‘White Wedding’ we couldn’t help ourselves.
We had a lovely time, I got to enjoy my new polka dot dress and I didn’t embarrass myself too getting drunk! All a great success. X

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