The Bell Jar Book Review

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These past few months I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve been on an ENORMOUS reading mission. It started as just an innocent get these out dated reads finished but I’ve also ended up buying more books to add to the book pile. It started with ‘Christine’ by Stephen King, then moved onto ‘ The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath and at this current time I’m tucking into the pages of Tove Jansson’s (Maker of The Moomins) ‘Sculpture’s Daughter’.

The Bell Jar was also a book I picked up a few years ago and I have no idea as to why I only read it halfway through because it is such a great book.

I heard plenty of mixed reviews on this book but I really think people shouldn’t pass judgement until they too have give some time and devotion that the book deserves.

It touches on so many topics that women will fully understand and relate too whilst also going over subjects that in those times and still sometimes today had a great amount of stigma attached too them.

It’s such a powerful read and shows the thoughts and struggle of Ester Greenwood’s journey in and out of the asylum. If like me you have endured through tough times of depression and came out of the other side having learnt how to cope with our own mind, then I say to pick up this book. I would also advice though after reading half of this book don’t pick it up at a night before bedtime as it’s quickly becomes a strong read and you want to drop off with calmer thoughts on your mind.

To continuing on my reading streak I’m really looking forward to joining in the Oh Comely Book Club next month. I’m a happy subscriber and so filled in a quick and simple form and carefully pick a book from there suggested listing and will receive my free book in a few weeks time. I took into consideration the couple of weeks reading time and picked ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’  by Shirley Jackson. Why not subscribe and join in the summer reading. xx

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