The Macaron Scoffer

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Living your life to the full is important and trying new things at least once in a while is my motto especially when it comes to food and taste buds. One item of food cooked, preserved or seasoned different can all change whether you enjoy it or not.
Living is even greater when you come across a new first is it not! Almost something to be proud about in fact, I still often say to friends ‘oh I’ve never tried that’ or ‘what’s that taste like?’ I’d much prefer to say I’ve tried something and be able to advice or inform an opinion. When you get older first times are few and far between, it’s strange but you begin to notice them a lot more when they happen and relish over it with great pride. You announce it like an excited child with that first time innocence but all those first times have made you what you are today and given you wisdom.
Every first time love, experience and knowledge deserves a good shout out in my book especially if it:-
1) Brought happiness
2) Broadened your horizons
3) Given you a new love
4) Tasted blooming amazing.

For a long time now I’ve admired the Macaron for there beautiful colours, when visiting Paris and browsing through the patisserie windows I wanted to try and eat them all! I’d always been tempted by them but was very unsure if I’d like them I was never quite certain what they were made of for some strange reason I thought they contained Coconut, which I’ve been keen on since I tried a bounty when I was six.
Much to my joy and love when I found they were Meringue based.
*Cha Ching* found my new favourite sweet product.
So when they were played up all neatly in front of me at the wedding I grabbed the chance or the Macaron to try one! A big pink one which melted and crumbled in my mouth. However now I’ve tried and flavoured them I now would love to spend a little time making them.
 photo 02ACE2FB-248B-4005-98AA-6F7DE6DF448E_zpselhayi9p.jpg
If you have any tips or recipes to share please do I’d love to hear from you all!
Until then though I’ll have to find my local retailer for a fix! X

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