DIY Acid Wash Nail Art

I’m very much girlie when it comes to playing with my collection of nail varnishes, in fact my collection is starting to look quite vast. Every now and then though I notice the massive collection and varieties of blues I own. After researching for another future tutorial it gave me the inspiration to play while I wasn’t too busy.


 photo 2BE67195-1D7D-44D6-930F-80B416AAD12A_zps0nfmvcea.jpg
Grab your two nail varnishes, Top Coat, Cotton pads, Varnish Remover. My Varnishes were Barry M 317 Blue Moon and Barry M 312 Indigo. The top coat I tend to use is Sally Hansen it always dries nicely and evens out the nail varnish coat underneath.


 photo 77119296-921F-4737-9CCB-84196D9FEAB1_zpshcrtajtw.jpg
Using your light blue shade work one coat and leave to dry and then work a second coat and leave to dry.


 photo C69E9CE3-AFAB-4FFD-8A0C-209FC57C7D01_zpsjhrjxmqj.jpg
Using your darker shade of blue work one coat over the top of your light blue and leave to dry fully other wise the next step won’t work well enough. You don’t want to go smudging the nail varnish so it’s lumpy and bumpy.


 photo 76F20D51-6AA3-47D4-9032-DFE76DD84F89_zpsnseowxh1.jpg
Using your cotton pads and nail varnish remover, soak the pad well  so it’s damp all over then lightly and careful working from the cuticle down the nail surface lightly brush down the nail to preferred washing, you may notice that the side edges stay dark so if you prefer them to be lighter make a little tip with the pad and brush lightly down the side edges.

And there you have it beautiful acid wash nails, just remember to be patient and let the coats dry first and you’ll have some rocking nails. x

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  1. This is an amazing idea, I’m so glad I found this blog!

    you newest follower, Jade

    • Thank you Jade 😀 Hope you enjoy recreating them! The great thing as well you can use different colours as long as the underneath coat is a lighter shade of varnish.
      Vanessa x

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