The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly Review

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I firstly spotted this book in Waterstones a few months ago upon reading the blurb it sounded such a sweet read and looked forward to picking up a copy for myself. Just a couple of weeks later I spotted a Blogger Friend (Lisa from Mathilde Heart Manech) on Instagram had picked it up for some of her summer reading and kindly offered to send it off for me in post once finished. A couple of weeks later at the back end of June I received my little parcel but was trying to be good and finishing reading all those half left books till I could pick up a new one. With that mission fully complete on Monday I was happy enough to crack open this new little book that’s been waiting for me patiently.

My initial thoughts based on my reading of the blurb was a wonderful story of a Hen escaping from her working life on the farm to create a new life for herself and make a family of her very own. It sounds such a delightful story.

Upon reading the story it sheds light upon her life as a trapped working hen, her longing for motherhood and unconditional love that only a mother can give to her babies. It shows a mothers sadness as she quickly watches her baby grow up and learn about the world and letting go so they can literally in this case spread there wings.


Even though it is such a great read and has it’s heart warming and caring moments it also tells us a lot about the realistic natures and relations these animals would have to each other and there place within the working farm life. It shows us that animals in their natural habitat are always preyed on and there’s a food chain that must be provided for. It’s sometimes a harsh world we live in and even though it was such a great story it did upset me, it does get really sad at the end.

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