A Coast Calling and a Vintage Affair

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So a few weekends ago some of you may have noticed me and my boyfriend skipped the city life for a bit of seaside breeze and quality time together.
I’ve been working in the office hard to meet deadlines which are due to be complete roughly around the end of August, we are literally rushed off our feet and doing everything we can to get work done on time. So as you can probably understand I’ve been needing a break away.
We can’t always afford trips away but we budgeted extra well this month to just make sure we could throw some petrol in the car and make our escape for our favourite seaside ‘Whitby’.
If you were in Britain that weekend you will probably have known about all the stormy weather that hit the country so we were being risky and due to the online Whitby webcams showing a dry morning we set off anyway from the rainy weather of Wakefield hoping that we’d not collide too long with a rain or thunderstorms whilst there.

 photo E25EC91A-BCAB-43D6-941A-F7F7E5F914A7_zpsmiw0hseu.jpg
Our journey was beautiful as we went over North Yorkshire Moors and Will took me on a spontaneous detour to the small village of Goathland, I’ve never been before but the village is something quite special it was the filming location for ‘Heartbeat‘. I was brought up on watching Heartbeat on a Sunday evenings with my parents and so it was beautiful travelling through the countryside, past the local old styled railway station and into the small village. To my amazement I’ve literally never seen so many free to roam sheep in my life they were every where.
We then continued on our travels to the seaside and Will won the ‘Who can see the sea first’ game. Although it was hard to tell the mist and sea had become one so I let him have it!
We parked up at about 10:00am and set off for our walk to town and spent the first part of the day visiting the shops and walking the front of the harbour. We had a small nibble of sea food for our lunch and saved the Fish and Chips for tea. My boyfriend treated me to a lovely glass deer from The Whitby Glassworks and I stayed very restraint at ‘The Bobbins’ Wool Shop. We did climb the 199 steps to the top where the Whitby Abbey is but didn’t venture inside I’ve visited it before. Even got ourselves a friendship bracelet  each on the market to show our love.

 photo 4608C0AB-AECF-435B-987F-9A23B23FC663_zpsxahnfem6.jpg

By the time 3 pm hit we took ourselves over to the Pavilion on the sea front, I’d spotted The Seaside Vintage Fair 2014 was on from my ‘Vintage Life’ magazine and went for a nosey before it closed for the day.
Whilst looking over the tables there were some lovely items but one little one in particular caught my eye. A little cat ornament only priced at £3, not just any cat ornament I had one of the same kind at home in a different pose. I’d randomly bought at a local charity shop a few years back never thinking I’d find another like him. I didn’t even hesitate whether to get him or not I feel in love with him like I feel in love with the first!
 photo AB9F3408-4412-4A91-8E58-D361B02939CF_zpsguznfua8.jpg
It was a lovely Vintage Fair and is due on again October if any of you are nearby or passing Whitby.

 photo 7E248140-867B-4ED4-B0EA-D837FC517FA1_zpsxyvpib3w.jpg
After the fair we went back to the car to take our purchases back to the car and the heavens opened so we kept quite content in the warm of the car watching the weather pass by as it threw it down. Thankfully we weren’t waiting too long and we set back out on our journey for the fish and chippie tea. Once I’d attacked by two seagulls for my fish and got out ice cream deserts we had one last wonder before we headed off on our trip home.
 photo 274C436A-D1D2-433C-948A-DC93DCA49F37_zpsyjujt6rx.jpg
It didn’t all quite end there though we drove through a few coastal towns such as robin hood bay and Scarborough to soak in all the other local seaside atmosphere. Can’t wait for our next day trip away they are always very special too us.

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