Sew Into This

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Given the old girl a clean up!

I’m finally attempting a new craft! One I haven’t tried out since I was a young en’ at school in technology classes. I’ve had a sewing machine for a good four years now and was really happy when I got it as a present but I’ve been a bad crafter and I’ve let it collect dust. I have a love of vintage clothing and I read a good few sewing blogs and read in admiration when I see the beautiful wears these ladies make on a daily basis. I’ve always feared spending all that money on beautiful fabric and find I make a mess of it. However practice makes perfect right?!?

So putting that into perspective I rummaged through the remnants of fabric at one of our local stores and picked up a good couple of sized pieces. I found some plain white poly cotton and some nice flowered vintage looking fabric that had a white background so they went perfectly together.

They are a good combination for a learner as it’s not too complicated that I have to think of joining the pattern but it will give my plain tee a bit of interest and excitement.

I’m also not going into my first pattern and keeping it standard. That’s right I’m working on a Vintage 1982 Style pattern 3828 bat wing or standard tee with turn back cuffs, being daring I’m adapting it slightly by making the body under the armhole in the flowery fabric and using the white poly cotton for the above armhole. The only question I’m slightly needing answering is the fact that the white poly cotton is slightly thin and so when doing my neckline I have to turn fabric to the inside and you would be able to see it from the outside when wearing. What to do? If you have any ideas It would be super grateful the thought had crossed my mind to double up the fabric but that just adds to more questions for me.

Either way I’m looking forward to learning a new craft and finding a joy in something new that I think I’ll be able to execute well.

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  1. It’s typical for the seam to show through on white fabrics. That’s why they’re usually lined. If you are concerned that the colored fabric will show though the white, I suggest binding the seam with white bias binding. If the seam is narrow enough, the narrow seam binding will enclose it beautifully, leaving a professional finish.

    • Thank you Sage, that’s a lovely idea. When reading the pattern it mentions doing a top stitch around the neck edge 6mm from the neck edge so I’m guessing I can add bias binding over the top! Thank you for your great tip X

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