A much needed break!

Hyde Park

It’s not that I’ve not been wanting to post but some times the body is in need of a break and with stress of work I’d rather rest than make myself unwell with unnecessary pressures. With it being one of the busiest part of the year for us at work I’ve been stressed so much it’s even been putting me off my knitting sitting doing knitting related things in the office and then coming home to see more knitting also taking work home where ever possible. I haven’t even been able to face picking up my needles and I’ve felt little inspiration when looking through magazines instead I’ve turned to reading. Nothing seems to be filling my creative and focussed mind though like a good bit of yarn and stitching.

In the much needed busy season and needing a holiday before I start to pull my hair out  I managed to get away for a trip to our favourite summer car festival and catch up with those friends we only get to see usually once a year when we all travel from all sides of the country. So even though the busiest times are still ahead I feel quite happy to have had some escapism where I couldn’t be reached camping in a field, chatting, laughing and eating with such great people. Due to this good feeling I decided to do a little post to say I was still hear and hadn’t left you all behind. Some times life just calls for a much needed time away so you can come back bright and breezy!

So whilst arriving home I am planning some future posts one including my first sewing project, what I’ve been reading and a post on a few vintage sewing pieces I’ve gathered on my walk-a-bouts.
Hopefully soon that knitty feeling will come back… X


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