Sew I Gave It A Go, Part 1

Hello again my fellow readers, I hope your all well and happy to see me around with a new post again, it sure has been a while. I don’t like being gone but I also like to post with interest. So I’m relaxing and I have packet of Frazzles (Bacon Crisps) at hand and a coffee by my side so here we go….

First sewing project

Who’d have thought after months of procrastinating over whether too sew or not to sew, I’ve finally persuaded myself to just go a head and give a go.

So anyway after receiving some old vintage patterns as a parcelled gift through the post from relatives and now having many years experience in knitwear, I decided now was the time to stop wimping out. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

I could easily recall how to thread up my machine and knew some sewing essentials from school but I did a bit of research to refresh my memory on certain sewing topics and found Tilly and the Buttons really helpful. If your new to sewing check out her site anyway it’s lovely and I really enjoy following her blog.

Before starting my first sewing project I looked over the instructions again and again. Attempting to make full sense of them before I started the actual making process. It’s better to start with a step by step idea of what to do next, I even made bullet pointed notes on a separate piece of paper so I could refer too more quickly.

First sewing project

The garment I chose was a 1980’s Style 3828, I figured with this being my first garment to just buy some remnant fabric. I didn’t want to buy something overly beautiful and get upset if the outcome wasn’t what I was expecting and ruined it. Now most people wouldn’t make things harder for themselves but I found two different fabrics that worked well together in my local fabric shops remnant box so guess what!!…..

I bought both which meant I then had to adapt  my sewing pattern slightly, I know you’re all thinking now recipe for disaster. I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that either. More to come on this later though.

Once getting fabric and other supplies I’d read up to always wash your fabric. Fabrics can shrink slightly when washed so your garment will essentially be cut out at the right size and won’t shrink any more when future washing. However you decide not too and then wash your sewing project to find out it’s fitting slightly too small you’d be hugely disappointed.

As I’d been working from old patterns that had been folded about twenty times previously I’d recommend a quick and light iron of the pieces to flatten them out so they’ll be more accurate for fabric cutting, whilst its out I’d also give your fabric the once over. I don’t like ruining old patterns either with pins so I re drew them up so the original still stays in good condition. Always have your iron out when sewing it’s also an essential part you need to press pieces as you go and it makes a neater job.


I like to do things properly and so with it being a long while I threaded up my machine firstly and set up a tension and gave a cut off piece a run through the machine practicing my stitching and speed. Whilst doing this I also changed the tension a few occasions to find the correct one.

The key thing with most crafts is practice and so don’t forget to have a bit before launching into a full scale project. Next time I’ll be telling you how I went on with my Style pattern and what I learnt along the way.

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