Like A Show And Tell

I love little quirky posts that are more about showing or sharing interests with others, it feels rewarding to think I may boarden someone elses tastes.

1. I’ve purchased my first ever copy of PomPomQuarterly independent knitting magazine. Initial reaction:- It’s perfect. A wonderful selection of patterns with a few bits of crochet and embriodery so a little mix of other crafts. A couple of articles and beautiful photography. If you are a Ravelry user Pompom comes with a Redeemable code so you can grab a digital copy too. That’s all either it comes quickly and so perfectly wrapped in tissue paper with a caring hand written thank you. So sweet. Then when you think you’ve Ooooed and Aaaaahhhed enough you’ll find they have a fun and quirky podcast. I only wish there was more episodes.

2. I’m wanting to start a small sock project and I’ve been on the search for socks yarns. When on facebook I randomly came across this little Etsy shop ‘Hand Dyed by Kate’ her shop has a small range of rainbow skeins in semi solid and a few varigated yarns. So far my favourite shades are ‘Damson, Pumpkin and Red Apple‘. Strangely enough are all quite autumnal shades, It’s looking down a packet of starbursts. “Which one do I choose?” When I figure out I plan to start the adorable ankle ‘Picot Socks by Lydia Gluck‘. I’m in a massive need of a home project.

3. Pukka Peppermint and Liquorice Tea Omg! I never believed I’d find a love for herbal fancy teas and to be frank I found peppermint tea an acceptable one and hated Camomile with a vengeance but this is just a beautiful blend and give your mouth the WOW factor. I literally think I’ve found my favourite fancy tea.

4. I think a lot of people out there have already read and reviewed this book. Well I’m still reading it ‘The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt’ I know I’m behind on my reading but this book is fantastic so far and I advice you pick yourself up a copy and sit back in a quiet room with a cup of fancy tea and turn those pages.

5. Have you ever seen ‘Joy the Baker’ blog?! No, well if not don’t just check out her recipes but if your like me and love a podcast whilst your knitting or working away in something listen too ‘Joy the Baker and Shutterbean’ podcast it’s great fun, chatty, girly and discussing a lot of random topics it’s basically listening to two best friends having a great and loving connection. These girls are great and always make me smile.

Do you have any favourites if so do share? you might show meto something great I’ve been missing! x

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