Exciting Journey

So for the past seven weeks I’ve been waiting for October/November to arrive. For a while now I’ve been needing some time off. I’m one of these people that take there holidays in odd days throughout the year, as I need a day off rather than using a chunk of time. We’ve worked so hard this year at work especially this summer with barely any time off, with a lot of stress and earache so I threw caution to the wind and booked a full 6 days from work. I’ve worked here 4 and a half years now and I’ve only ever booked a week off around the Christmas holidays.
Anyway I’m super excited, I’d like to say I don’t have much planned but actually I do have plenty. My parents kindly arranged a small break away with us, so I get to spend some good quality days on a family holiday, something I’ve not really done for a good ten years and I’m very much looking forward to that.

The rest of my break I intend on some rest and actually do some knitting of my own. I’ve had a lack of inspiration of the summer and a definite need to hold up on the knit front. However now the seasons are drawing in and the pressure at work is easing I want to start creating again my mind is buzzing with projects to start that I’ve found online and in my new Pompom Quarterly magazine. So I’ll be mostly held up in the warmth with my cat and boyfriend eating everything in sight, knitting and listening to pod casts. Sounds good doesn’t it?

There’s also the celebration of Halloween and Bonfire night which who doesn’t love all that. We don’t really get Trick or Treater’s but it’s still a good excuse as any to fill our home with sweets and cookies. Then with bonfire night there’s the toffee apples, hotdogs or pie and peas. It’s like pre fattening for Christmas or exercising the stomach so it gives into the turkey and stuffing more easily. Wondering off topic there a bit, food just gets my brain working into over drive.

Just before Bonfire night is our two year anniversary together but to celebrate this year Will has kindly booked us a few days away at Staithes a fishing town above Whitby. I can’t wait it’s such a sweet thing to do and we’ve never stayed away together unless it’s at a friend or family home. Even better is the fact the place we are staying at has a cat there named Shirley. I’m a big cat lover so this maybe me happy, however I believe it made my cat slightly jealous. He’ll be fine about it when I return home smelling of lady kitty. I won’t be able to shoo him away.

Essentially I have a full and entertaining month and I wanted to share it all with you, I’m hoping this month will help me feel better than I have and learn to relax once more. Do you have any exciting plans in October/November? Please do share x

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