What’s Going On In Your Humble abode?

In the same theme of Mathilde Heart manech’s post – At Home: The Animal and London Calling, she ask What’s going on in our own homes. I figured I’d go along and answer but in the form of a new post of my own.
I haven’t felt like I’ve had a proper weekend at home in ages, first of all my trip away to Blackpool then second my trip away to staithes and thirdly our day trip to Birmingham NEC for the classic car exhibition. Busy, busy, busy.

At Home

Anybody else starting to get that festive feeling? Ever since my mum gave me a christmas mug a few weeks ago I’ve been wanting to start celebrating! Some would say it’s wrong but it feels so right. For months I’ve been thjinking with my Grandad being gone Christmas won’t be the same and It won’t but he’d still want me to enjoy it. So this year I’m celebrating for the two of us. With most of my Christmas presents bought I’ve been treating my vintage tree to some new/old decorations. How pretty are these?

At Home

Even if we’ve been busy out and about these past few months, I’ve still managed to fit in a project or two or maybe even three? I’ll update you on a post soon. Including Christmas Knits….


Always find it hard with the whole giving instinct of the holidays not to buy everything for myself lol! However sometimes needs most so I’ve been treating myself to some back issues of Pom Pom Quarterly. Luxury Knits through and through perfect for the winter months.

So what’s happening in your humble abode?

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