Life Right Now // December 2014

This post was inspired by a friend of mine Lea over at A Freeze Frame.
Loving my newest tea/coffee mug to my collection, which I hope I don’t offend, says “It’s mother fucking tea time”.
Thinking about treating myself to the newest issue of Pompom Quarterly and the New Gudrun Johnston book, is it allowed?
Eating carefully through the day so I can pig out on an evening! Seems a good plan.
Wondering If it’s okay to make myself a box of Christmas eve treats since I don’t get my Christmas presents till later Christmas day and the rest get opened on the 28th?! Who could beat some nice self gift buying 😉
Listening to A very She & Him Christmas album.
Making The Taiga Mitts for my boyfriend as a gift and working on the Coronis sweater from Pompom Quarterly.
Feeling tired, I’m hoping these multi vitamins might help and a few earlier nights a week.
Dreaming what my Christmas boxes might be like.
Finding it hard not to express my love of chocolate by wolfing a load down 🙂
Celebrating I won a competition from Pompom quarterly to win a Cirilia Rose book, I’ve never won anything since I was a child and I can’t wait to browse it’s pages, I was gob smacked I gave a big thank you to the Pom pom girls and a Merry Christmas. 🙂
Watching I’ve managed to get myself hooked into watching Gotham, I believe it to be the best TV series out at the minute.
Reading the Goldfinch is taking a while but I love it and all the magazine reading I need to catch up on.
Enjoying making my reading list for 2015, I want to read a good amount but I also want it to be a realistic goal.
Struggling to see any problem with buying myself Christmas gifts 😉
Hoping I can adjust a vintage shirt I bought at the weekend to fit me better, It’s so nice it would be a shame.
Wishing my Grandad was still around to celebrate Christmas with us.



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