Christmas Knits

I’m Hoping Animals Are Better Appreicators Of My Knitting…

So this Summer I had a request to knit my nan’s dog ‘Alice’ a new coat for Christmas, I don’t usually knit requests I tend to prefer to knit for myself. As soon as I take up knitting for others I always feel pressurised to get it finished and for it to be perfect. I decided after my nan’s had a rough year with loosing my grandad that this would be appreicated and that she’d proudly parade the dog coat and the dog classes her and Alice attend so it would be nice for her.

Christmas pet knits

I made sure I took measurements of Alice so fitting was correct, measurments included

  • Length from collar to top of tail.
  • Width of bottom so the coat covers well enough over her back
  • Width of shoulders to armpit crease this will be the width at the widest part of the body and would be increased too.
  • Neck Length I added a smart collar so taking a depth measurement for the collar is ideal.

All these measurements helped me make adjustments and adapt the coat to be a better fit.

I managed to get this project finished months ahead of schedule so what did I decide to do….. Well I couldn’t leave my mums dog ‘Danny’ out of the gift giving especially after a showed my mum the Pointy Greyhound Snood on Ravelry. My mum admired it so much I decided to use some of the left over red from Alices coat and some White fluffy yarn and made a festive winter christmas snood. I’ve named it ‘Santa’s Little Helper Snood’ lol! I’m looking forward to seeing him modeling it.

Christmas pet knitsAnd so the first year I decide to knit for Christmas it’s for a different audience, lets hope they don’t have any hang up on what there going to be wearing this winter!

Merry Christmas to all and much love for the New Year from me (Killtocraft) xXx

  1. Those are adorable! The doggies must look great in them!

    • Thank you Veronica, I havent seen the dog coat on but i have word it fits perfect. However I’ll be sharing a picture of greatly appreciated snood soon enough 😀 x

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