What’s On The Needles? 01/01/2015



I’m kinda of ready for a new year although 2014 wasn’t all that bad in some ways. So how was everyone’s Christmas? I’m hoping it went smoothly for you all.
Today’s post is all about what’s on my needles? but before I go into all that for first time this year I have a little dog model that wants to show off to you all his Christmas present that I made for him.

Remember the Santa’s Little Helper Doggy Snood I made for Danny well here it is fully worn in all it’s glory!


When we took him on his Christmas morning walk everyone passing by was admiring it, isn’t he a sweetie? It’ll keep his ears warm.

But for now What’s On The Needles?

A few days back I would have said my boyfriends driving gloves were on the needles however I managed to get them complete before his return home. Phew!!

So whats left throughout all this Christmas Knitting? my Coronis Sweater by Emiley Ringleman which needs much attention now. It’s been settled in my knitting bag waiting for me to pick it back up and finish off the sleeves. It was published in the Autumn issue of Pom Pom Quarterly and I’d had my heart set on making this sweater just from the cover photo alone.

I’ve had most of the body completed by the end of November and have been aching to get it finished. I’ve fallen in love with top down constructions, this year I’ve made the Chickadee Sweater and the Coronis both of which are seamless free top down beauties.

I almost feel that all sweaters should be made this way no matter what lol! So for my Coronis I picked up some nice shades of Rico Nature Fashion DK in a Plum, Grey and Cream shade.

I decided part way through the yoke to change to the four size so I decrease appropriately and I’m glad because I fits a dream, I wouldn’t have wanted it any looser. Also for my neckline edging I worked it deeper than it said. I literally love playing around with a pattern. I also like a longer sweater due to having hips so I gauged the length to another Cropped Sweater I have and decided to make it longer in the body. I’m going to make the sleeves longer too as I’ve got enough yarn left. So this is how it looks so far…

I’m hopng to have it complete so I can join in on the Pom Pom Winter Kal on Ravelry. So what do you think?

I’m promising myself more top down sweaters for 2015.

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