Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads


I’m sure most of you can imagine how pleased I was after joining a Pompom Quarterly Giveaway to find out I was the winner and just before the Christmas holidays. I couldn’t believe it I was jumping for joy in the office shouting out that I’d won lol! Anybody would have thought I’d won the lottery, well it felt like it to me.

For my first look in to Cirilia Rose’s designs where the Berroco 302 Vintage and Vintage Chunky Book in 2010 this collection for me was small but full with timeless, classic garments and the colours used were of a subtle dream. Then my growing love for her work when seeing her Collabaration with Stephen West in ‘WestKnits book 5: Midgard’ she’d design 4 out of the 10 designs and each one has a kick of colour and vibrance. This is another reason I appreciate her work, a keen eye for colours and not to fear them but to embrace them and try new things. Knitting for me is mean’t to brighten up those everyday garments and lift them up with a tweek of colour or a touch of texture, which she also touches on in her new book ‘Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads

UntitledMagpies, Homebodies and Nomads is separated into three sections as the book title indicates, I won’t spoil things too much but the first section is for that magpie in us all that hordes pretties lol! With greatly written articles on colour and stylizing, with tips on how to work your next shopping spree. The patterns in this section to me shows flamboyance and dramatic flare and although flamboyance isn’t my usual thing I adore the Isla Cardigan and Marion Collar. It’s such a simple design but with beautiful details I especially love the pleats.

UntitledSecond section is Homebodies, is like most of the knitting population displaying the cofy and relaxed side of life and why we like to nestle away on our sofas with our next project on the needles and our recent project draped around our shoulders keeping us content and warm. My favourite designs in this section is the Loro Vest which is beatiful no doubt but I’d personally want to add sleeves, I’m a lover of good sleeves. Secondly the Heima Slippers when I first saw these I fell head over heels for them, making me think of cosying up in the winter months with warm toes, with just enough room to add socks underneath them too. The Articles in this section discuss Inspiration but from other sources the types of inspiration that are more personal to you, like filmakers, artists and music. Also how to substute a yarn for a project. I’ve personally begun to understand this process more from working in the industry but it’s still something I have to think about myself like fibre content, drape and gauge are all strong factors you gradually learn to understand.

UntitledThe Third and last section of the book is Nomads, travellers who are taught something new from visiting places. A new lauguage, a new culture and new fashions can bring varitey to your life. Cirilia discusses this in an article her finding herself in Iceland, she describes it so beautiful that I’d love to visit there one day. She mentions how to dress to your surroundings, different climates and cultures. The second article in this section is ‘Thrifting’ I’m terrible for this literally I always scout the shops for new great finds.

I think the most stunning designs from the nomad section is the Rekya Pullover which I love the yoke pattern is beautiful and the fact it has a good is so sweet this is on my queue to knit. Next is the Gezell Coat it appeals more due too it’s shaping it’s just so modern. It’s literally one of the most beautiful knitting books I’ve seen in years, I feel privileged to win a copy.

Thank you Pompom Girls and Cirilia Rose x


2 thoughts on “Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads

    1. It a beautiful book, i was gobsmacked at how many garments i’d make as most hardback books tend to have one or two items. I think you can order it through waterstones or amazon ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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