Completed Coronis

My Completed Coronis Sweater

I stayed up till midnight on Thursday getting this beauty finished just so I coud wear it the next day for work, I know I’m not the only one out there that does these things! I can lack a little sleep for my craft!

On Thursday I had the last repeat on the sleeve and the ribbing to work through and then a few ends to sew in on the sleeve from the colour repeats. Thankfully I’d planned ahead a few nights previous of this and spent the evening sewing in the ends from the other sleeve and body so I wouldn’t have to do as much work later. I love planning ahead.

I started the project right at the end of October and started the yoke of the fifth size and knitted a slightly deeper rib. After doing a full pattern repeat I noticed staying on the fifth size would be a bad idea my body and sleeves would have been why too big so on the coming increase row I increased to the fourth size and it pretty much continued as plan sailing.

I’ve still be concidering a cut and graft to add on some length in the body but for the time being I’m going to leave it cropped to wear with dresses. I have wide hips and don’t think it’s too flattering for my figure but with my 50’s styled dresses it will look adorable.

The pattern is Coronis by Emiley Ringleman and is only available through Issue 10 of Pompom Quarterly.

The yarn used Rico Fashion Nature DK and worn with a  Midi ribbed grey jersey from H&M

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  1. V said:

    Beautiful!! if I did not have a long list of knitting goodness I would have start knitting coronis today 🙂

    • That exactly what I was like when I set eyes on it!! 😀 I skipped it to the top of my list lol! X

      • V said:

        Oh tentations !!! Moving up the list ….. 🙂

      • The happy side of Queue Jumping 😀 lol! X

  2. amber said:

    That is so gorgeous!! I wish I knew how to knit… you’re so talented! I love the look of it… the lighter color really pops out from that burgundy! Really pretty. Well done 🙂

    • Awww, Thank you so much Amber you’re very sweet! You should pick up some needles and give it a go. Its all about practice and patience 😀 I only started knitting at twenty. X

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