Life Right Now // January 2015


This post was inspired by a friend of mine Lea over at A Freeze Frame.
Loving eating healthier through the day by taking a big ‘nibble box’ as I call it full of carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and crunchy leaves.
Thinking about investing in a set of my own Knit pro interchangables, I love them so much but can’t afford a set.
Eating garlic bread and filling up on pop 😀 I’m such a kid!
Struggling to exercise, keeping fit is harder than I remember lol!
Wondering when my glasses will be ready.
Listening to Woolful Podcast, if you haven’t heard an episode yet I swear you need to get on it. Fast!!
Making I’m onto my second pompom project and making ‘Sorrel’ from Issue Eleven.
Feeling so very happy and settled at the minute.
Dreaming I did dream yesterday that at work they split the room in two and put up a wall to keep the noisey ones out. Thats a nice thought lol! 😀
Finding a moomin bedshirt on sale for £3 has made me so happy, very cute find.
Celebrating my Birthday on the 6th February 😀 balloons, cards and cake!
Watching Game of Thornes season two I’ve had some catching up to do, It’s amazing.
Reading Choke by Chuck Palanuik, I feel like I’m almost re-reading fight club which I read last year! Next Book = New Author.
Enjoying knitting with King Coles Merino Blend dk.
Hoping My first ever pair of glasses actually suit me! I think I picked them a bit quick.
Wishing for a better nights sleep.

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