Knitolutions For 2015


It might seem a bit late to be sharing with you my knitting resolutions for the new year, however surely it’s a good sign that I’m still positively following my own made demands. A few weeks back we were asked on the Pompom group on Ravelry to share some of our resoultions to be discussed on there latest Pomcast 9 where I also go a small mentioning 😀 If you’ve never listened previously it’s a lovely friendly show with guest Erika Knight. Other than that after it was aired I wanted to further share these resoultions with you all, so here we go…

This year for me is more about Consideration and Playfulness.
Last year my goals were more work based until March when I grieving for a loved family member that went out of the window. I then started to enjoy knitting for me again and not a purpose so I want to focus more on that this year.

1st – After reading ‘Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads I’m going to focus on knitting more and want to open my palette range and enjoying other shades of colour rather than returning to the same 4 (favourite) colours.

2nd – I still have plenty of knitted garments that are shop bought because they fill in the gaps, I’d like to start filling in that gap with my own hand knits because that perfect staple black yoked cardigan should be one I made, right??

3rd – Remember to treat myself out of my budget once and a while to something luxurious so I can start occasionally replacing some of those lovely skeins I have saved aside.

4th- Making plenty of new friends and joining in some Kal’s where I can join in the fun and sharing.

I feel this will inspire and fuel my knitting year 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Knitolutions For 2015

  1. I love your goals! I’ve been trying to replace my beat up sweaters with hand knits, too. Good luck with the colors, breaking out of faves can be hard. Also, using fancy yarns you have saved? Seriously my life over here. I keep trying to tell myself it is better used up and worn than sitting perfectly skeined up like new in a bag, too precious to use. Maybe this year we’ll both make some flashy things!

    1. Yeah I’d prefer to have much loved handknits on my back that I can be proud of rather than shop bought! It’s so hard to find that perfect project for that perfect skein that’s the issue lol I can trawl patterns for hours and still put the skein back lol! One day 😉 lots of flashy wears I’ve started a colourful cardigan which I’m going to do a post on at the weekend it’s apart of enjoying colour more I’m going quite adventurous for me lol!

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