What’s On The Needles? 13/02/15

What’s On The Needles?

Have you ever opened up a magazine and seen something on that page that captures you? It’s beauty is like no other you’ve ever seen. After staring and anylizing it for a few days and even messaging the owner on Instagram for details. Planning how you’d go about making it and figuring out the maths and numbers, you literally just jump in head first.

I did and too myself I said ‘ This is that knitolutions 2015 project of which exprimentation and colour can hold it’s own’. Now whether you love this cardigan as much as I do is just a matter of personal taste and preference. For one mainly because as you can see below it’s made up of colour squares and that’s not always to peoples taste and nor mine realistically. However, it gets me into a more fun adventurous knit and being a lady who owns a lot of black in her wardrobe this could work to an advantage key piece of knitwear.

Anyway this is only in it’s early stages of 6 squares and theres plenty more to make so it might be ready in a few years time.


Next Project… Oooo yes there’s more than one!!

This here is a lunch time project it’s the Tofts Alpaca Shop Pom Pom Mittens, if you are a Mollie Makes subscriber you’ll have possibly recieved this pattern in one of there magazine suppliments. I’ve just completed the first mitten today and it’s pompomless for the time being. I really loved the shape and they’ve been wonderfully easy to make. I did take some stitches out of the garter stitch cuff as I knew casting on 17 sts would be way too many for my tiny wrists. Overall this one fit perfect so just to make the second one alike.

Last but not Least …

 The Betty Stockings, my lovely mum bought me the Knit Vintage book as she knows how much I like to browse over old patterns as well as the new. I got asked a few weeks ago if I’d started anything out of the book, which I hadn’t but the pattern that most captured my attention was the Betty Stockings. I have in my wardrobe lingerie to facilitate a nice pair of grey stockings, so I treated myself to the exact yarn and shade as the pattern required. The yarn is Bergere De France ‘Angel’ 275 metres per ball and required two of, it blend is of Mohair, acrylic and polyamide but is so soft it’s unbelivable. Whilst knitting you have to be slightly careful until you gain some rhythm and a feel for the yarn. Over all it’s wonderful and I’m enjoying every minute of knowing I’m going to be able to wear these. I’ve popped them both on the same needle to knit together so the lengths match and the stockings are done on straights so you can have the vintage seam that runs up the back of the leg. I thought was a lovely touch.

Only one thing that bugged me was the 2×2 rib set up as *k2, p2, repeated, I hate the untidy sewng of a k2 to a p2 so I altered that to a K1, at each end so it will run up and match with the back seam perfectly into the rib.

Seemed like a well executed plan (Sewing Pun Intended) x

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