So Sorrel

So Sorrel…. The one bit of knitting I did in January that I failed to post about! I know shame on me, right!!!

So with the Winter issue of Pom Pom Quarterly in my grasp I feel in love with both hat patterns. I’m going to tell you something most of you might not remember, I used to have  dreadlocks a few years ago. This mean’t I had a ton of big, slouchy knitted hats of which I loved wearing and knitting. Although once the big chop happened my handmade hat collection went from massive to zero in the space of a ten minute hair cut. No longer was my head big enough to fill my hats.

However I’ve never re filled this collection and my mum always said through my years growning up that I have such a good face for hats.

So with this and two new hat patterns to choose from I purchased some King Cole Merino Blend DK and cast on for the beautiful Sorrel. I adored the little laced arrows pointing toward the crown and the added pom pom was so cute it made it!

Such a great pattern and would suggest everyone to pick up your needles and cast on your very own, it was such a joy to make!

Here’s mine fully finished..

The only tip i’d suggest is not to heavy block out the hat especially around the rim where the rib needs to keep it elasticity. I’d suggest a damp towel over the top and steam press with the iron just around the crown and main lace pattern to make it more defined.

I’m certainly attracted to a good blue yarn, so what do you think?! x

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