Biscuit hedgehogs

Based on recent recent impulse purchases and the every three year ritual of feeling the kneed (pun intended) to learn how to bake! I sieved up my plain flour and rubbed up my unsalted butter and got my finger nails messy!

I purchased a very good baking book by ‘Ruby Tandoh’ named ‘Crumbs’, it’s very concise and aids the first time baker but you have to read it from the beginning you can miss out the crucial information she gives you about her baking and recipes.

In the past I’ve always snubbed baking as a task that I couldn’t do! However she states that all cooks can bake and If I’m not tooting my own horn too much I’m not at all a bad cook! So bugger it, I’m baking!

Looking for easy recipes I picked a favourite of mine to start with, thats shortbread. I wanted to test my skills I’d learnt but before I got myself into the book and doing the recipes I wanted to test myself with something simple. Which would have turned out great first time round if silly old me hadn’t left the oven on Grill and burnt my poor hedgehog biscuits to a crisp. Poor Hedgehogs!!

Batch 2 however turned out a dream and so now I can relax and delve more into the world of baking with Ruby’s tips and recipes to guide me!

Want a nice Shortbread recipe? try out Bakingmad’s Homemade Shortbread recipe it’s a treat!

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