Unofficial Fika Fanclub

I’d noticed a little while ago I haven’t updated you on any of my knitting this past month or so, gosh I’m sucking!! You can’t complain though I’m here now at least I haven’t completely disappeared yet lol!

If you’re a Pompom follower at all you’ll have noticed a little bit of sock appreciation therapy over Valentines in February which was #valentoes plenty of beautiful FO’s were shared on IG and Rave. We got to join in and find new patterns we’d not discovered and basically fall in love with more sock knitting. Which to be honest is something I’ve been lacking over the years I was more into knitting socks when I first started the craft. I loved the versatility of being able to travel about with a small project that I could whip out at any opportunity, which I don’t always get anymore. So the excitement of Valentoes peeked my appetite for not just one but two pairs of hand knitted socks, although I don’t commute and need the tiny handbag knitting they’re still a treat to have on the needles.

With the latest issue of Pompom Quarterly at hand with two smashing new sock patterns inside ready and awaiting me. I purchased some Uncommon Thread BFL Sock and some Madelintosh Unicorn Tails from Loop Knitting and cast on the Fika’s.

It was an incredibly quick knit, I think it took me two weeks to knit but that’s because I did pick them up and put them down I like to work my knitting in sections lol! Toe, foot, heel and leg, it works for me at least. The twisted rib took a while because it’s a long leg but this does keep them elasticated nicely to the leg when worn. My only downfall which is my own fault not the patterns was adding the unicorn tail as the cast on round. It’s not elasticated and is a single so there’s not really any bounce back however it does set off the sock nicely with it being neon so I won’t grumble! Plus my Fika’s were shown on Pompom Quarterly Blog! My Fika’s felt like famous feet!!

Over the course of February and March there has been a Fika craze, with plenty of great knitters casting on this classic sock and rummaging there old and new skeins out of their stashes.

One thing I love about it the most is seeing what colour combinations pop up with the sock and that little garter toe line. Ever so pleasing!

If you make a pair of Fika’s you should come and join in the #fikafanclub on Instagram and show off your classic sockies! Also a nosey at my Project Page on Ravelry.

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