Havin’ A Peek At My Picot Are We?!

Sometimes we are gifted with great friends who realise our need for more yarn, so about 8 years ago I did some unpaid work for my best friend. I helped her create knitted characters for her animation ‘The Little Red Plane’ and out of this work she gifted me a skein I’d fallen in love with. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug Sock Yarn and it may not be hand dyed or anything special to most but to me it holds a lot of memories and for that it was one of my most beautiful and special skeins in my stash.

It’s gone unused for way too long and so I decided after seeing the Simple Picot Sock pattern that it would be perfect for my summer feet to enjoy! maybe not through the day with shoes on it would be way too warm however wearing around around the house on a cooler evening is always comforting. These I’ve named my first toe up socks, I’d started a pair years ago but gave up on them I wasn’t keen on the pattern and yarn combination. I loved doing them the opposite way around and even more so appreciated the much neater toe. Although my kitchener is neat this toe up method might be for you if not.

There’s a lot of different methods out there to creating a picot edge however the method on this sock is the best in my opinion, it comes out so neat and even, I can’t fault it at all. The method is knitting in stocking stitch and then work a round creating an even amount of yfwds coupled with k2tog’s, continue with more stocking stitch and fold it over halfway through the eyelets and lightly sew the edge inside the sock. It’s perfectly neat and tidy, unlike the many pick up and cast off picot edgings of which i’m not keen.

The pattern is avaible from Pom Pom’s site for Free.

And you can view the video for ‘Little Red Plane’ here.

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