A New Development

Hiya all,

Hope my friendly followers are well or at least merry!

Today I bring up the topic of a new plan I tend to share with you all roughly on a monthly basis and it’s a trial run so if you like or love what comes from it please let me know your feed back is important! Starting this month of June I’m so happy to be doing a review for all you creative types to share with you new shops and products, what they have to offer throughout a variety of crafts I hope!

I don’t have a massive bank balance though every month which is why it will be a few items once a month and see how it progresses. I would like to have more of a purpose to my blog as well as sharing the patterns I’ve knitted and this just seems perfect and a bit of an adventure for me which I want to pursue. If you are wanting to share a product of yours you can happily email me and send me something to review.

I’m preparing my first review post as we speak and I can’t wait to share my notes and findings on all this lovely creative goodies! Such an exciting direction and I hope you join me 😀

Your knitterly friend Vanessa x

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