Life Right Now // June 2015

This post was inspired by a friend of mine Lea over at A Freeze Frame.

Loving I won the Canopy Shawl pattern by Melody from Mandarine’s Podcast on Raincloud and Sage’s Giveaway 😀
Thinking about all the nice things I could review for July’s edition of ‘Wooly Post’
Eating My first Chelsea bun although I had to take the currents out! I like raisins but not sultana’s so I daren’t risk it!
Struggling to find the passion to finish my crochet tapestry backpack I’m 40 rounds from finishing and I’ve lost the love and passion to continue.
Wondering ………!
Listening to ‘A Homespun House’ whilst spinning some new fibre!
Making Another hat!!
Feeling A tad under the weather still with my sinuses and ears, I might be waiting a while for this steroid nasal spray to take effect!
Dreaming of a being at home with my feet up relaxing with my knitting 
Finding a lot of yarn waiting for me! 
Celebrating My first Podcast episode and planning a more organised episode two 😀
Watching Jurassic World on Friday I can’t wait 😀
Reading Alone in Berlin still I’ve been reading the same book for two months I need to make some massive reading time and get it gone!
Enjoying My knitting so much recently I can’t get enough
Hoping Everyone enjoys my second podcast when it goes online! 
Wishing My face would stop hurt my sinuses are taking the Michael out of me!

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